Walking Dead’s, Sophia, Madison Lintz,
who is also be featured in this Christmas’ Parental Guidance
with Bette Midler and Billy Chrystal
will be our featured media guest.
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This Legendary Comic Book
Artist and all around Great Guy
will be our Feature Comic Book Artist. George has been in the business for over 30 years and has worked on such titles such as, The Avengers, Batman, Infinity Gauntlet, Crisis on Infinite Earths and May More. George will be signing comics as well As doing Sketches so bring your books to get signed by a Comic Industry ICON!
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Drew Geraci

who is currently working on is the Iron Man 3 Prelude has Confirmed that he will be attending.The first issue will be on sale in time for the show, so bring them along so Drew can sign them for YOU! Some of Drew’s other credits include Captain America, Thor, JLA, Final Crisis, 52, Birds of Prey, Nightwing, Green Lantern Corps, Team 7.
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We also have four walkers from WALKING DEAD as Guests! Michael Jaegers, Mike Mundy, William Hart and Dan Riker . They all have memorable scenes. Mr. Mundy was the “grandpa” walker in the opening of season three premiere and you can find out more at the show!!!

Jason Flowers
is an American Comic Book
Artist currently residing in Atlanta, GA.
Currently he is working on sketch cards
for Alterna Comics that will be out later
this fall. Other works of his have grazed
the pages of Arcana Comics, 215 INK,
Horror Hound Magazine, FC9 Comics,
Black Thumb Press, and Octa-Ink Press.
Who has also done the artwork for our ComicCon T-SHIRT!
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JASON FLOWERS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Scairy Tales Noir
J.R. Mounts and Christopher Collins reside near Atlanta GA where they have written and drawn their own comics for Scairy Tales Noir since 2010. Beginning with their ‘Scairy Tales’ comic strip (think “Calvin & Hobbes meets Nightmare Before Christmas”) and continuing with a pulp crime parody,’Fried Pickle Noir’ (think “Sin City meets Veggie Tales”) they do it all for the fun of it and are constantly creating more fun projects like ‘Family Mal-Use’ and ‘Death by Baby’. Their website and Facebook for Scairy Tales Noir offers comics, coloring books, stickers, greeting cards and MORE under their new ON THREE PRODUCTIONS banner!

There are so many moments in “Memoirs of an Anti-Hero” that just demand to be translated to graphic novel or filmed form. Such is the writing of Drew Blank, whose not thinly-veiled alter-ego is the protagonist of this action-packed novel that is, at times, touching, hilarious, shocking, sad and just plain fun. Blank is a little heavy on the descriptive language, but here it works, fully entrenching you inside of the book’s semi-imaginary city of Cross. His dialog comes across easy as the best sitcoms and action scenes are plotted with careful choreographing and detail. “Memoirs” will leave you wanting more. And we hear a second book is on its way. Tasty!
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JAX Attack
About Jax: To the shock of a crowd dressed in bowling shirts and rented shoes- the artist Jax instantaneously appeared out of thin air right in front of the concession stand of a run-down South Atlanta bowling alley with sketchbook and pencil in hand. From where he came- no one knows. Jax quickly embarked on a glamorous (not really) career as a freelance illustrator bringing smiles of joy to disgruntled art directors everywhere. But after years of schlepping for dollars, Jax grew wary of doing the dirty work for others and joined FA (Freelancers Anonymous) with hopes of one day kicking the habit. While detoxing, Jax is working on his own personal art projects which include: a comic book, a mini-comic, a zine, an illustrated novel and producing more personal art for his portfolio. Jax in a nutshell?
“When having to choose between weird and normal- always choose weird.”